Warter Pro Fuel 2

Warter Pro Fuel 2 is alkylated gasoline with high-quality biodegradable premium oil made in a 50: 1 ratio. It is dedicated for two-stroke engines. The oil used ensures an extremely clean engine and has optimum lubrication properties at all engine temperatures. It works primarily with chainsaws, hedge shears, cutters, brush cutters, and other two-stroke onshore engines

Warter Pro Fuel 4

Warter Pro Fuel 4 is an ecological and professional alkylated fuel dedicated to four-stroke engines. It is perfect for mowers, rotary cultivators, snow blowers, boats and all of four-stroke engines on the water. Ordinary gasoline contains ethanol, which is not moisture resistant. That is why WARTER PRO FUEL 4 which does not have the addition of ethanol is the perfect choice for feeding small engines that are exposed to corrosion.

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